MiroStone is a range of durable worksurfaces. Sinks and bowls that have all beauty and feel of natural stone combined with exceptional practicality.

MiroStone is the perfect surface for domestic kitchens.

But is equally at home in the bathroom or bedroom.

MiroStone can be fitted safley and easily by specialist qualified installers.

Colour All The Way Through 

MiroStone Sizes


3010 x 630 x 25mm

Wortops for bathrooms

2510 x 370 x 25mm

Breakfast Bars

3010 x 750 x 12mm

1500 x 900 x 12mm


3010 x 750 x 12mm

1500 x 900 x 12mm


3010 x 100 x 12mm


Mirostone's colourful designs are not just skin deep. They tun consistently throughout its thickness. So now you can have some uniquely stylish and practical worksurface features.

Ahead of the curve

Mirostone can follow the contours of your kitchen cabinet design.

Mirostone leading edge profiles

You can choose from 2 edge profiles single chamfer or double round.